British American Tobacco Company Recruitment

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British American Tobacco Company Recruitment

The British American Tobacco Company is inviting the qualified, suitable and interested applicants for the latest vacancy of QUALITY ASSURANCE AUDITOR in the company’s Ibadan branch.


The interested applicants for the British American Tobacco quality assurance auditor Job are required to possess the below qualifications

  • Applicant must possess the minimum of Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in the science field with Mathematics, Chemistry, or Statistics as a major area of study.
  • Applicant must be experienced in the usage of QA systems such as BO, Equata, Infosys, Quality reporting, and Videos.
  • Must have functional knowledge of quality analysis tools such as 5 whys, Excel, Fishbone diagram, Pareto, SPC tool, and UPS.
  • The applicant must be able to communicate timely feedback in a constructive & simple manner.
  • Must have good organizational and reporting skills.
  • The applicant must comply with the British American Tobacco EMS & EHS guidelines for all QA activities.

Application Procedures for the British American Tobacco Quality Assurance Auditor Job

  • Click Here to visit the application portal.
  • Click ‘Create Account’ in the portal.
  • Input accurate required details and follow the on-screen guide to complete the application.

Functions of the Applicants in the British American Tobacco Company if Employed.

  • To monitor and implement quality standards.
  • Ensures that products are made in line with product specifications.
  • To “comply to Quality Management System and other Management System in place (ISO 14001)”
  • Ensures that report data and documentation are complete, accurately and on time.
  • To understand the fundamental processing and basics in primary and secondary manufacturing departments.
  • To implement quality assurance standards.
  • Works with the Quality Manager/Supervisor/Team leaders regarding all issues of quality.”
  • To carry out investigative studies to improve and understand the production process parameters.
  • To classify the training needs of self to help drive effectiveness and improved quality of work.
  • Delivers all relevant Shift Quality information to stakeholders at agreed timelines.”
  • To “provide equipment performance report/ feedback to instrumentation technician.”
  • EnsureS that the laboratory working standards are implemented.
  • To be consistent and ensuring compliance with all protocols for FPI-X and Q2.
  • To make sure that all the relevant test equipment is properly used.
  • Ensures that all quality function records are 100% data accuracy.
  • To “review and Authenticate accuracy of reports and data collected during the shift period by the end of a shift.”
  • Participating in the process, knowledge, and procedure review session organized by Team Leaders/supervisors.
  • To contend “to reduce non-conformance by prompt intervention, advice, and collaboration with manufacturing personnel.”
  • Compliance with EMS requirement by continuously reducing the impact of the company’s aspect and improving environmental performance.
  • To make sure that all samples are collected on time in line with protocol and preparation of reports.

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